Updated 4/15

The next Bus and Brew Tour will be 4/15. Get more information.

Its fun and free

Bus and Brew tours were started by a few people who wanted to responsibly try some of Baltimore’s many breweries, and turned into a great way for people to try riding transit.

Learn to ride transit

Whether you want to learn how to pay your fare on the bus, learn to catch the bus, or just enjoy an afternoon of socializing and having a few beers while using the bus to get from brewery to brewery, sign up for the mailing list to hear when the next iteration will happen.

Try Baltimore’s Local Beer

We generally hit about 4-5 breweries in a day, and usually start at around noon on a Saturday. The schedule is outlined ahead of time so people can try to catch up with the group if they aren’t able to join right at noon.


These events are completely free, other than paying for your own beer and paying $4.60 for a day pass on the MTA. Sign up and the only emails you will get will be announcements about the next Bus and Brew tour!

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